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The Year of the Eucharist

A recent Pew Study found that many Catholics struggle with the Church's teaching on the Eucharist. Some believe it is merely a symbol, some even believe the Church holds to a symbolic understanding. At the same time, many Catholics have found the time away from the Mass during the COVID-19 pandemic especially hard. A desire for the Blessed Sacrament has grown. In response to all of this, and his own hope that the Diocese would grow closer to our Lord, Bishop Daly has written a Pastoral Letter to the faithful of Eastern Washington entitled The Most Holy Eucharist. Go to the web page to learn more about The Year of the Eucharist From the Bishop’s pastoral letter: “Customarily, in stressful times the faithful turn to the Church for solace. Yet, during this pandemic, the Church herself has been hampered in her care for the faithful: the doors of our churches were shut and Masses suspended, causing great sorrow for so many. While fasting and abstinence are a part of Catholic spirituality, little could one have foreseen that such a Eucharistic fast would be required of us. This unexpected trial compels me to reflect anew on how vitally necessary the Holy Eucharist is for the Church and for every believer; it is the Eucharist which is ‘the overflowing core of love and of inexhaustible life.’”

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