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Dear Parishioners

This weekend I will be praying my last Masses and you will have a new pastor, Fr. Paul. I had hoped to stay with you all in some capacity at one time, but those plans seemed to have fallen through for various reasons.

It’s been quite an experience to be in the heartland of farming, but more so the experience of faith outside the big city. As a community of Catholic believers with its unique ebb and flow and reliance on God's nature for growth and harvest, it brings a very real dependence on God for help.

My goal is the salvation of your soul by leading you to a greater faith through instruction, exhortation, love, and sharing with you my call of urgency in fighting the good fight. As things seem to get more out of hand for Christians, our prayer commitment, our resolve, must be much deeper and stronger against the forces of evil - with God's help we know God wins - the crucified risen Lord is proof of this.

Thank you all who have supported me physically and spiritually, but more so those who have supported Jesus and our Catholic faith. I hope I have brought you to a greater understanding of our Catholic faith in our Savior Jesus Christ, ministered to your needs, showed you the value of your reading Sacred Scripture and your prayer life, the most important tools in your personal shed in this highly unpredictable time . May our Blessed Mother, full of grace, be a real part of your journey especially with praying the Rosary.

God be with you always.

Father Joe

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