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Dear Parishioners,

The Bishop came out with a letter to the priests this past Wednesday and here are a couple of lines from it.

“I want to let you know that the bishops of Washington State have written to Governor Inslee expressing our serious concerns about the spiritual hardship the stay at home order has placed on our people. As he makes further decisions, we want him to keep in mind the difficulties this is placing on our faithful throughout the state.

Finally, please be patient as we continue to follow the order to stay home. All of the previous COVID-19 protocols for the diocese remain in place until further notice.“

Since things change so rapidly and indiscriminately,to keep up please follow the link to the diocese; .

This is a time to explore what we take for granted - our families, friends, even our enemies, and pray for them. It's a time we can read more about and meditate more on the holy sacrifice of the Mass and what the words mean in our Holy Mass.

Please refer to these resources to help you during this time in your walk with God and to keep updated with the latest information from our church and diocese: for bible readings of the day and other spiritually helpful information. How far a cough travels

Pray for each other and an end to this pandemic, stay home, stay safe.

In Christ, Fr.

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