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A constant in life is change!

Dear Parishioners,

I will no longer, as per WA gov and Bishop (pls see included letter from the Bishop), offer confessions in the churches.

Please note that social distancing i.e. physical separation/isolation is the best method for containing the spread of the COVID 19 and hopefully, with God’s help and our prayers, this unprecedented disease plaguing the world will be defeated soon - please pray for our church and community!

I ask the people who visit Jesus (and please do) in the Blessed Sacrament to sanitize their hands when coming into the church before they open the doors and wipe the top of the pew when they leave. If more than one is there, please observe 6+ ft physical separation and if you have a cough or sneeze cover your mouth (not with hand) to keep droplets from spreading.

I want to thank you all for your devotion to our Blessed Lord especially at Sunday Mass. The holy sacrifice of the Mass is the epitome, the summit of our spiritual life here and know that I pray for you at all the Masses I offer.

I saw this on Life Site News. It is a good meditation:

"Last night I went to the last public Mass permitted by the Scottish Bishops for goodness knows how long. Never in my life have I imagined that I might not be able to go to Sunday Mass because the Bishops themselves had told priests to shut the doors. When I was a kid I thought maybe the Communists would invade and Catholics would have to go underground, but this pandemic was a contingency I never mentally prepared for. Although I love Mass, I guess I took it for granted it would always be there."

This is a time to explore what we take for granted - our families, friends, even our enemies, and pray for them. It's a time we can read more about and meditate more on the holy sacrifice of the Mass and what the words mean in our Holy Mass.

Please refer to these resources to help you during this time in your walk with God and to keep updated with the latest information from our church and diocese: for bible readings of the day and other spiritually helpful information

Government resources:

Father Joe

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