Hasppy Easter at Grotto
Hasppy Easter at Grotto


Help with GASB field trips
Help with GASB field trips

Hasppy Easter at Grotto
Hasppy Easter at Grotto


Be involved

Share your time and talents with our parishes and strengthen your faith by getting involved in one of these ministries or volunteer opportunities.



Responsible for reading at the weekend masses.  If interested, contact Father by email or call 509-229-3548.



Responsible for serving at the weekend masses. Students 3rd grade - High School and adults are welcome to participate in being a server. If interested, contact Father by email or call 509-229-3548.

Music and Choir

Music leaders, choir members, organists, pianist, or guitarist are needed for weekend and special event Masses.  If interested contact Patty Druffel at 509-229-3439 for St. Gall Parish or Denise Snider for St. Boniface Parish.


Extraordinary Ministers (Eucharistic)

Responsible for assisting the priest in administering the Eucharist.  If interested, contact Father by email or call 509-229-3548. No EM's serving at Mass at this time due to Covid-19 restrictions


Maintenance Support and Weekly Cleaning

Responsible for helping with repairs and maintenance of the churches, rectory, or school as needed and helping plan for Parish clean up days in the fall and spring.  Or helping with weekly church cleaning.  If interested, contact Jeff Druffel for St. Gall Church,  Jim Reisenauer for St. Boniface Church, or Mike Becker for GASB School.


Guardian Angel - St. Boniface School 

Volunteering is alive even during COVID restrictions.  It takes on many forms at the school from reading and tutoring students, helping with recess duty, driving for field trips, providing cookies for after school programs, helping with fundraising events, or sharing a special talent or skills with students in the classroom. Contact Lori Becker, Principal of GASB School for more information,  509-299-3579

Catholic Diocese of Spokane


Palouse Family Promise 

A new mission opportunity for Parishioners of St. Boniface and St. Gall.  We will be partnering with other churches in the region to support homeless families of the Palouse approximately three nights a week each quarter. During our scheduled evenings, we will provide a dinner and stay overnight at the Pullman First Baptist Church that is housing these families. More information can be found at the Family Promise website or contacting our parish coordinator, Randy Bennett.

Visiting Sick and Home Bound

Many of our parishioners have fallen by the wayside due to illness or accident.  They thoroughly enjoy visits from other parishioners.  As a team we have the opportunity to bring them cookies, news, and pray with them and they are assured of our support for them.  There is also an opportunity for Extraordinary Ministers to bring Communion to home-bound parishioners.  If interested, contact Father by email or call 509-229-3548.

To avoid COVID exposures, phone calls would be a good way to contact those who are home-bound.


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